A great passion for make-up, hairstyling and fashion, combined with the possibility of transformation, the power to change appearances and highlight beauty have fascinated Timo Pravitianos since his early childhood.

So it was not surprising that after completing various hairstyling courses, he chose to refine his skills at a prestigious Make-Up School in Berlin and at the same time worked as an assistant to many internationally experienced professionals in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

Timo freelances as a hair and make-up artist since 2007, always looking for new and interesting challenges. His style includes modern, timeless work and extends to creative and artistic projects.
Its range includes mainly the area of advertising, catalogue and fashion photography, as well as the styling and the personal care of VIPs (such as iconic Hollywood actors Barbara Eden and Jane Fonda or pop singer Aura Dione) for TV and red carpet events.              

His precise and perfectionist attitude, as well as his great dedication to clean, flawless work are appreciated in particular by photographers, various clients and celebrities.